It’s a Cockatoo Tantrum! 🙉 *SUBTITLED*

Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo.
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Parrots are LOUD folks,
I get asked CONSTANTLY, "how do you put up with the yelling and the screaming and the tantrums?!"
My answer is, "The same way a loving mother "puts up with" a screaming, yelling, tantrum throwing toddler…"
It's the same concept lol although a Parrot scream can be ALOT louder than a toddler scream it's just something they do.
I don't "put up with it" I chose this when I adopted parrots.
THIS is who they are… loud, wild, and crazy beings at times.

This tantrum throwing, loud, yelling, dramatic behavior is COMMON in parrots. ESPECIALLY in cockatoos. He's not in distress.

Most of you know that he (and Letty) have free roam of the house when we're home and in the same room (we don't let them wander off by themselves for the same reason you wouldn't let a toddler be alone 😉, trouble makers lol) so he can come down (and does come down) whenever he wants to lol.

But like I've said many times, adopting a parrot is like adopting a toddler, they throw tantrums just like toddlers do.
So if you think you're ready to take care of a toddler that can live 80+ years, then you might be ready to adopt a parrot. 💜
Thanks for watching! 💙

❗️❗️❗️85% of parrots are either resold, given away, or abandoned within just 2 short years of being purchased.
DO YOUR RESEARCH before adopting a bird. They are a LIFETIME COMMITMENT!
I cannot stress enough how heartbreaking this sad truth is…. Too many people impulse buy parrots because of cute or funny traits they'vet seen in other birds.
A life stuck in a cage is cruel and so unfair to these magnificent beautiful creatures.
They deserve the absolute best!
If you are interested in a parrot, adopt one because you have the time, money, patience, energy and if you want to save them from a life stuck behind bars, not solely because they are cute or funny or talk etc.
Again parrots are a LIFETIME commitment.
They can live up to 80+ years!!
Which means they just might outlive you, and where will they go if something happens to you and one day you don't come home?? What will happen to them?? Who will love them and care for them as you have?? Will people know that there's an animal at your home that needs looking after?? All things to consider….
I've given up many many things to give my two parrots and other animals the best life they can possibly have!
It is an honor to share our lives with these amazing creatures, remember that….
Please do your research before adopting.
After all, we have our friends, our jobs, and our hobbies.
They only have us💗❗️❗️

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