How to Discourage Conure Biting – Fear Biting versus Want Biting

This video talk about the two common types of Conure biting; 'Want' biting versus 'Fear' biting and how to curb the behavior from happening. Parrots will always bite throughout your relationship, but there are different reasons why parrots, more specifically why Conures bite. Fear biting occurs when the bird is unfamiliar with the surroundings, new to the home, or scared of you or other objects. This can be deterred by reversing the behavior from biting in fear, by showing how to treat biting so the bird learns that a positive interaction will actually get the bird what the birds wants [to return to it's cage/be away from you], versus bite & return to cage, where the bird actually gets what the birds wants, which is to be left alone. Want biting is also shown, where the bird wants an object, food etc and bites you until the bird is given the object and wins what the bird wants, which is whatever the object is. Instead of giving the object to the bird, you return the bird to the cage, where the bird actually does not want to be, because your bird wants to be with you. This is more for established relationships.

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