Grumpy Family Bird Freaks Out When She Notices Dad Is Secretly Filming Her

This cockatoo might be beautiful, but when she spots Dad with his camera out, she immediately begins to lose her mind in the cutest way possible!

This fierce little grump of a bird has officially decided that she willnotallow her dad to film her, even if he wasn’t filming her to begin with!

She tries to look as threatening as possible, and even though her little beak packs a pretty fierce bite, it appears as if she’s all squawk and no action. With her fluffy feathered head up all the way and her wings protruding out in a fully aggressive stance, she’s trying to look as threatening as she can. But Dad has seen this all before and isn’t going to let this drama queen call the shots.

At this point, it becomes a battle of will. Should Dad let his beautiful bird be the ruler of this roost, or should he keep letting her know that he’s the boss? Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, this bird seems to notice her reflection and gets just as angry at that!

It should be noted that this bird lives in a very loving home where she’s given plenty of space to play and lots of toysto keep her mind sharp. While her human is definitely egging her on abit,she keeps coming back to him in her grumpy mood. For anyone who has owned a bird before, you’ll probablyagree that they can be a bit cranky for no reason at all! And sometimes you just have to deal with it!

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