Evil parrot cursing. WTF compilation. Amazon Green bird. Epic Fail.

Charlie gets a bath –

Charlie bit my finger, my wife's finger, and attacked my mom. Now he is saying WTF over and over. This bird is a menace to society and my garage is a mess. Charlie is an Amazon Green Parrot. My family has had this bird almost 40 years. He still hates everyone except me. He in fact, loves me very much. I can hold him and pet him without difficulty as long as no one else is in the room. Otherwise he goes into attack mode to try to attack anyone else. He is still intimidating to me because his beak can cause severe lacerations. He is very healthy and beautiful. My wife has spent countless hours trying to befriend him. He will allow her to pet the top of his head; however, he tries to lure her in so he can grab and bite her. He has bitten through her fingernail twice after he pretended that he wanted his head to be petted. My mother worked with him including playing recordings over and over for him. She could not get close to him because he would jump or fly at her head and attempt to bite her face and hands. The children do not associate with him because he is intolerant and attempts to bite them also. We do get frustrated with him but we love him. He has two cages, the one he is in and a smaller more mobile cage that we can move him into and out of the house and porch. He is like a very cranky and mean uncle that you have to send away when company comes over because he tries to abuse everyone. He has had the same vocabulary since we found him in a chicken coup back in the mid 70s. If you watch toward the end of the video he displays more of his vocabulary. He can also bark like a dog. It sounds like he is saying WTF; however, I never noticed it until my mother passed away last year. I definitely don't believe that is what he is saying because no one around here uses such language. I tried to get a video of him attacking someone; however, I have had no volunteers. LOL!

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