Baby Cockatiels’ first 30 days

I read somewhere that the growth rate of a cockatiel in the first 30 days is so fast that it's equivalent to a human newborn turning 5 years old in 30 days. So, I was really excited to see this happen and to document it, especially for my sister who wanted to see pictures. You can check out her Knive Throwing channel at and her Xolette Etc. channel at . 🙂

Thanks for everyone's compliments and thumbs up! Btw, this video is not meant to encourage breeding birds. It's pretty difficult to do it on your own (e.g. baby not growing up correctly) which is why I had the cockatiels raise the chicks. FYI, they turned out to be extremely tame b/c I handled them constantly as they were growing up.
Ooo! News anchors from "Right This Minute" commented on my video:
Music Credits: Wise Guys "Oo La La", Basement Jaxx "Do Your Thing", Arcade Fire "Wake Up"

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