She Acts Like A Normal Bird At First Until Dad Starts To Play Fetch With Her Like A Dog

Parrots and dogs have a lot more in common than you might think. While wings, a beak, paws, and a snout are different in their own way, Tweety the parrot has learned a few tricks from Fido. She plays fetch like a dog!

In an adorable video, Tweety, a spunky yellow parrot shows off her skills by playing fetch with her favorite pink ball. The pink ball has holes in it, to make throwing and retrieving easier, and a little bell inside, which adds to the cuteness factor.

Cozy on the couch with her orange and yellow ducky stuffed animal by her side, Tweety retrieves the ball like its nobodys business! With the encouragement of her owner and sheer determination, Tweety has mastered playing fetch and has a blast doing it.

Parrots are a real hoot and continue to make us laugh, like the dancing parrot that has a very refined taste in his dance music, and the curious parrot who was mesmerized when he discovered steam for the first time!

As someone who has grown up with birds, my experience with them has been wonderful and memorable. Not only do they make music with their chirps, but they have a great sense of humor. My mom owned a cockatieland it sang Yankee Doodle, said Whatcha doing?, rolled its Rs, and always tried to steal a sip of her coffee! Too funny!

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