My parakeet talking

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My male parakeet Scuttle talking. He is a dark eyed clear and his cere is purple in good lighting. This was taken a while ago and since then he has added many phrases to his vocabulary.
Teaching your parakeet to talk is pretty simple. Male parakeets tend to speak better than females, it also helps to only have 1 so he will bond with you. Shortly after you get your parakeet begin talking to him often. Repeat a single simple phrase while sitting by his cage. Let him see your mouth as you say it. It is important to hand tame your parakeet, see my video on hand taming. Once you have your parakeet's trust and he willingly steps onto your finger hold him up close to your face and repeat the phrase. He will watch your mouth if he is interested. They like high pitch voices and can mimic them well. Spend time with him and do this often. This worked pretty fast with Scuttle and within weeks I began hearing him trying to say pretty bird while he was playing in his cage. Once they master one phrase move on to another.

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