Erwin, the Talking Budgie Speaks Up! Aussie Budgerigar.

I was lucky that Erwin stayed still for the duration of this video as it makes it clearer to hear what he is saying! Usually when he asks for kisses and the like, he comes up to me to get one! I think he was a little intimidated by my new camera. Mind you, nothing can scare him speechless. Erwin is ALWAYS talking! This 3 minute video is only a sample of what he can say! I've added subtitles because although I might be used to how he speaks, you might have trouble understanding it to start off with.

Since he learnt his first word he's been adding to his vocabulary in leaps and bounds… and boy can he come out with some pearlers!

For those curious about Erwin, he's a gorgeous yellow-faced cobalt blue 20 month old Aussie Budgerigar whom has talked since he was about 2 1/2 months old.

Its a pity you cannot see how beautiful his colouring is in the video. He goes from golden, to teal, to aqua, to a deap cobalt blue with his feather colours changing depending on the angle you look at them or the amount of light. Very striking.

Hope you enjoyed the video 🙂

I've got another video up on youtube of Erwin in the shower. He LOVES water!

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